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Laura's story

Laura had spent all her adult life dieting and came to me when she just couldn't get motivated to diet any more. She was tired of going to a group weight programme losing a few stone and then not being able to maintain the strict regime and putting the weight back and more.

Laura said “Your approach was welcome and refreshing. You threw the idea of dieting out of the window and introduced the idea of living a healthy more balanced life, eat a little more healthily and move a little more.

One of the key changes was shifting my goals to being happier and having more energy; weight loss was not the main focus but a by product of living a slightly healthier lifestyle.

With your help I have learnt how to be kind to myself. I now do not live by a strict regime or a chaotic one! I know that life is not same day in and day out and I now am able to deal with this including having treats now and again and how to be ok with it.

The cycle of yo-yo dieting has been broken for Laura .

Laura has lost over 21 pounds and she says “ I have more energy, I feel fitter and the weight continues to drop off and what's brilliant about this is it doesn't seem like much of an effort”

Caroline's story

Caroline had been on every diet under the sun. She was frustrated with her small weight loss and bigger weight gains and existed in an 80’s diet mindset of low fat, low calories.

Your approach was brilliant we went right back to basics, portion control, food diaries, exercise plan, meal planning. Most of all you can eat everything, just in moderation!

We focused on setting small, achievable goals which helped build Caroline's confidence and increased her belief that she could take control of her weight instead of her weight taking control of her.

She said “ You gave me the encouragement when I had bad days and told me not to beat myself up.You also showed me how to deal with cravings and find alternative foods to satisfy them.”

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