About Your Weight Mate

Each session is one-to-one and can take place in the comfort of your own home or wherever suits you best. The preference, especially for the first session, is to meet you face to face, but if this isn’t possible it’s perfectly feasible to FaceTime, Skype or even go old school with a phone call...

We'll get to know you

Our initial consultation helps us really to get to know you and to understand the frustrations and obstacles that you have been faced with while managing a healthy weight. You will come away with clear individual goals and a personalised package that fits your life.

Ok, you know what? I think I’ve heard all of this before and it’s not going to work for me. I like food and I don’t want to turn into a bad tempered bore who counts calories and eats all my food in Tupperware.

Neither do we! The key to My Weight Mate’s approach is getting the balance back into eating healthily. Being “on a diet” doesn't work.

We believe no foods should be banned. By allowing yourself foods that you enjoy, giving yourself the choice to have them or not and learning how to do this means there should be no massive change to how you already live your life.

This is why our sessions are bespoke.

They directly address the things that get in the way of your ideal weight. We might look at:

  • Identifying triggers and habits that lead to over-eating
  • Ways to tackle emotional eating
  • Practical tips and support, such as looking in your cupboards, label reading and handy portion control ideas
  • Analyse what you eat through food diaries and menu planning
  • Debunking the confusing and conflicting weight loss/gain claims we hear daily
  • Providing the right information and advice on what is healthy eating (this means info that suits you and your budget)
  • Helping you increase your motivation and confidence to make lasting change

It really does depend on what you want and what you need in order to really help you be the weight you want to be.

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We're with you all the way – our programmes include text and email support during the sessions and for a month after.

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