Lifestyle management for people who've been there, done that and still not lost the weight.

We know there are all sorts of reasons why people can’t lose weight, however much they try. We'll take the time to get to know you and understand your relationship with food and obstacles that you've faced with managing a healthy weight.

Keep eating the food and drink you enjoy

Put an end to yo-yo dieting once and for all

Feel happier, healthier and more confident

Two cooks discussing weight loss

We won’t make you feel bad about yourself

We feel that a lot of weight loss groups make you feel ashamed of yourself and the way you live your life.

Weighing you in public, expecting you to have the time, money and inclination to take hours out of your day to cook complicated meals and generally making you feel as if healthy eating and permanent weight loss is something that will only be achieved by completely overhauling your life.